The anti-Taliban revolt in Ander-Ghazni, Afghanistan. Four students are said to have started the Ghazni revolt, whipping up a resistance force that now numbers some 800 men. Lutfullah Kamran, the commander of the force in Ander, told Afghanistan Today. “This is a spontaneous movement and the people support it,” he said. This Anti-taliban revolt in Ander has led to the re-opening of schools that local insurgents forced to close in April after the government began impounding unlicensed motorcycles, the Taliban’s main means of transport.

“After the people’s revolt in Ander started, the Taliban, who are mostly Pakistanis, left this district,” Deputy Ghazni Governor Mohammad Ali Ahmadi told Afghanistan Today.

(The rise of new group named Hizb people (or the Ander revolutionaries). After this group emerged the Taliban started killing anyone who where part of them, who supported them. The hizb people had conditions that, schools should not be closed no matter what, Killing of Afghans should not be permitted even if they worked in the army, because most Talibans consider the killing of afghan army men to be permitted which the hizb people disagreed on. These conditions led the Taliban to stand against them and accuse the hizb people of treachery. Now the hizb people are against both the Taliban and the US. )

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    August 2012