A huge success story in Afghanistan- The Afghan National Army Special Operations Command. 
This clip is a small look at the training that the Afghan Commando units go through. 
Please notice- the Commandos follow the Afghan Army values that they are being taught about: faith, God, country, duty, loyalty, integrity, honor, service, respect, courage, and loyalty.
Eleven people, including seven killed when a U.S. military helicopter carrying them crashed in the Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province.
Although responsibility for the overthrow of the Taliban but NATO officials have said the helicopter had taken charge of the airplane crash is still unknown.
Tuesday, Afghan military and a coalition interpreter is also among the dead.
Least 221 American military have been killed in Afghanistan during the year.

Of the coalition war against the Taliban in Afghanistan in late 2001 had more than 3137 foreign military in Afghanistan have been killed.
Ramadan is nearly over. People after a month of worship and prayer, for Eid are just a number. 
See photos of the final days of Ramadan here: www.dw.de
These days, it takes more than textbooks and pencils to be a schoolgirl in Afghanistan—it also takes tremendous bravery and tenacity. Since the ousting of the Taliban in 2001, Afghan girls are theoretically free to attend school. But they are stymied at almost every turn by vicious militant attacks, a lack of adequate facilities and teachers, and even their own parents’ reluctance to break from the tradition that says “girls belong at home.”

The first challenge for girls’ education in Afghanistan is cultural barriers,” said Fazlul Haque, UNICEF Chief of Education for Afghanistan.

The way forward for girls is not easy--extremists in Afghanistan are doing their best to terrorize them out of going to school. In 2008 alone, there were 283 violent attacks on schools, resulting in 92 dead and 169 injured. Despite the obstacles and threats, Afghan girls are hungrier than ever for education. “Over 2.2 million girls are now in school,” said Fazlul Haque, “and we expect a 20 percent increase in primary school enrollment for girls by 2013, with help from UNICEF education programs.”

Pictures source: vero-de-viguerie.photoshelter.com

The bloodshed came as the nation prepared to celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

According to Nimroz MP Freshta Amini, the "three suicide bombers arrested yesterday were Iranian Balochs and the matter will be discussed with the Iranian embassy." 

The MPs also said that if Iran, like Pakistan, starts sending terrorists to Afghanistan, it will create major issues for Afghanistan and Afghan security forces should prevent these infiltrations.

Five other would-be suicide bombers were killed by Police and three others detained. The nationalities of the dead and detained attackers have yet to be confirmed.

Our children have no fear

Local officials of Herat province, the arrests of three individuals who were planning to assassinate a member scholars of the province, said.
According to the official, who captured last night in Herat Ulema Council concealing explosives in the car and wanted prayer when investors are out of this world religion Azmsjd the material to explode.
Zardari, Karzai: Afghans provoked feelings of rocket attacks on the Kunar, Afghanistan and Pakistan friendship has negative effects and should be stopped immediately. Afghanistan is a presidential declaration of the two leaders met in Mecca, Saudi Arabia Yi is Khbrdadh. The presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan to establish a joint committee created to study stresses on both sides of the Durand Line, agreed.
On going building projects in Kabul bu ONYX constructions.

AZIZI STAR is a magnificent world-class residential and business enclave that will soon rise in the heart of Kabul’s Kolola Pustha area. The edifice is a 214,600 sq m mixed-use project being developed by Onyx Construction as its contribution in transforming the cityscape of Kabul and enhancing the economic future of Afghanistan.

Life is boundless at Azizi Star as it offers a variety of boutiques, retail and novelty stores, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés for everyone’s needs. It also features other modern amenities like recreational shops and state-of-the-art corporate offices.

Azizi Star also features iconic and cutting-edge design. At its epicenter is a splendid cascading fountain, unique and first of its kind in Afghanistan and is poised to compete with other world-class designs. Four floors of duplex units will also be perched on the corners of the 26-storey building, giving it a more grandiose design.

Azizi Star is the best place to be when you need easy access to medical care. Complementary health and wellness centers such as diagnostic clinics, alternative healing centers, spa, sauna, beauty and cosmetology centers, swimming pools and other physical fitness centers fit nicely into its over-all design.




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