Imran Shah, August 20 according to foreign wire services reported on 20th senior NATO diplomat said, the withdrawal of NATO forces Afghanistan, nor does it into civil war or by the Taliban to seize power in the country.

It is reported that between NATO and United States forces will be held before the end of 2014 gradual withdrawal of Afghanistan, from Pakistan and India may be entering the country after that fight proxy wars "pessimistic predictions" is heard. In this regard, the NATO senior civilian representative Simon
·Gaston refuted that view, he said Afghanistan security forces are powerful enough to confront the Taliban & militants''

Gaston said, although some people may think that "civil war circumstances" is attracting eyeballs, "but I don't think so." Afghanistan's neighbours to understand, if the Argentine into the continuing conflict and chaos, and then thrown by the war and refugee flows for them would be a huge amount of trouble. In addition, the Afghanistan leader will also make every effort to govern the country, avoiding return to the disorderly state of the 90 's of the last century..

It is learnt that, since 2001 the United States launch Afghanistan since the war, the prolonged war has been fighting for more than 10 years, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Afghanistan people homeless or died in the fighting, United States and NATO coalition forces also paid the price of thousands of soldiers dead and wounded. Obama had proposed 2014 US troops complete withdrawal of Afghanistan strategy.
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