Pakistan Attacks on Afghan borders.

The rocket attacks are not new — villagers say there have been attacks on and off for two years. But they have become more frequent in recent months. Villagers and a provincial government official, reached by telephone, reported that hundreds, if not thousands, have fled the violence.

“Our life turned into a nightmare out there because of the shelling,” said Gul Ahmad, a farmer who recently fled the village of Tagha Saparai in Kunar province. “We could not go out of our houses to do our farming and our crops dried out,” he said by telephone.

Since then, Munir said, the Pakistani military has shot rockets into Afghan villages daily, and villagers too poor to flee have dug caves as makeshift bunkers. Munir blamed the Pakistani military, which maintains outposts just across the border, for the rocket attacks.

In the past three months, 1,300 rockets have landed in Kunar province alone, killing eight people, wounding 22, destroying houses and forcing hundreds of families to flee their villages, said Wasifullah Wasifi, a spokesman for the Kunar governor’s office. Wasifi said there have been street protests against the attacks, and he, too, pointed a finger at the Pakistani military.

Relations between the two countries are already rocky — many Afghans suspect the Pakistani intelligence service of funding and supporting the Taliban, and the Pakistani government has grown tired of housing an estimated 3 million Afghan migrants, threatening recently to expel them all by the end of the year.”

The Afghan National Army’s chief of staff, Shir Mohammad Karimi, said on Tuesday that, Rocket attacks from Pakistan on Nuristan and Kunar provinces seek to pressure the Afghan government into recognizing the Durand Line.

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    August 2012