Photographer Seamus Murphy revisit Afghanistan, in his 1994 shooting locations Afghanistan photos re-shoot a group photos, we can clearly understand the changes in 18 years 
To Afghanistan: In addition to the now photos is in color, no change in the face of basic Afghanistan. 
If a fraction of the value of consumption of arms in Afghanistan for the development of the Afghan economy.
.Afghanistan might not look now the war there is only fattened part of the arms dealer ...
Imran Shah, Aug. 21 - According to foreign media reports, the U.S. military in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Base on the 21st by the rocket attacks, including one hit by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey landline, resulting in two maintenanceinjuries

Dempsey's spokesman Lapan said Bagram Air Base was 2 rocket attacks at night, Dempsey's plane C-17 was hit, two maintenance personnel were slightly injured. Dempsey and the rest was in the house, were not affected.
He subsequently traveled on another plane to leave.

The U.S. military reported that Bagram Air Force Base has been sporadic shelling is not uncommon, but very few Taliban attacks caused heavy casualties.
Imran Shah, August 20 according to foreign wire services reported on 20th senior NATO diplomat said, the withdrawal of NATO forces Afghanistan, nor does it into civil war or by the Taliban to seize power in the country.

It is reported that between NATO and United States forces will be held before the end of 2014 gradual withdrawal of Afghanistan, from Pakistan and India may be entering the country after that fight proxy wars "pessimistic predictions" is heard. In this regard, the NATO senior civilian representative Simon
·Gaston refuted that view, he said Afghanistan security forces are powerful enough to confront the Taliban & militants''

Gaston said, although some people may think that "civil war circumstances" is attracting eyeballs, "but I don't think so." Afghanistan's neighbours to understand, if the Argentine into the continuing conflict and chaos, and then thrown by the war and refugee flows for them would be a huge amount of trouble. In addition, the Afghanistan leader will also make every effort to govern the country, avoiding return to the disorderly state of the 90 's of the last century..

It is learnt that, since 2001 the United States launch Afghanistan since the war, the prolonged war has been fighting for more than 10 years, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Afghanistan people homeless or died in the fighting, United States and NATO coalition forces also paid the price of thousands of soldiers dead and wounded. Obama had proposed 2014 US troops complete withdrawal of Afghanistan strategy.
ISAF said Saturday that three soldiers distributing a newsletter with these forces as a result of a mine explosion in Afghanistan have been killed in the East.

ISAF soldiers in the statement of identity and exact location of the event did not provide details.

According to reports, 50 percent of foreign troops killed in Afghanistan in the last five years in this country has caused several explosions.

The result is that 238 foreign soldiers have been killed in insurgent attacks in which 108 of these soldiers were killed in the mine explosion.

The same has been said so far, 306 foreign soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in 2012.

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the World!

International factors in the independence of Afghanistan:

The fighter said: "Britain is not afraid of the uprising in the NWFP and resurrection is not done in India, the independence of Afghanistan was very difficult." However, he believes, the main factors that led Afghanistan gained its independence, the spirit of freedom and independence struggles in Afghanistan.

Afghan president Karzai on a phone call to director of Microsoft Bill Gates discussed fighting against Polio in Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai, Afghan president in telephone talks with Bill Gates, Microsoft founder Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about ways to fight against polio in Afghanistan, especially in insecure areas and around the Durand Line, spoke.

Their concern about the increasing incidents of polio (polio) in the area around the Durand Line, was expressed.
Bill Gates offered a point of contact or working group to coordinate efforts to promote and implement the decisions and the effective fight against polio, be created.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, especially in the field of health and reducing poverty and fighting diseases and polio worldwide is active.

Forty-three Afghans were killed in a string of shootings and bombings across their country on Tuesday, in the deadliest day for civilians this year. Yet despite an increasingly heated presidential race, neither President Obama nor his GOP rival, Mitt Romney, is talking about the war effort, or the speed of withdrawal, on the campaign trail. 
Why the silence?

  1. Neither has a clue what to do there: There are plenty of reasons why Obama and Romney have “said so little about Afghanistan,” says Dexter Filkins at The New Yorker. “Their positions are virtually identical, the economy is more important, etc.” Moreover, the U.S. is scheduled to stop fighting there in 28 months, and every day it becomes clearer that the Afghan state is taking over “a failing, decrepit enterprise,” despite the 11 years, $400 billion, and 2,000 American lives we have lost there. Now, neither Obama nor Romney “knows what to do about the place.”
  2. There’s no political gain in it: Speaking up on Afghanistan “could easily cost Obama or Romney votes,” says Andrew J. Polsky at Oxford University Press. Obama’s campaign strategy calls for appealing to centrists while mobilizing a Democratic base that is “conspicuously unenthusiastic about the Afghanistan conflict.” The “political math” is pretty similar for Romney, and his base, except for some diehard conservatives, has no more “taste for the war” than anybody else.
  3. Afghanistan just isn’t as important as it (briefly) was: Everyone would be talking about Afghanistan if it “were truly a vital strategic interest, says Stephen M. Walt at Foreign Policy. But it’s not. “It’s a land-locked and impoverished country thousands of miles from our shores,” and the only reason we went there at all was because some “misguided crackpots” hiding out there “got very lucky in staging a dramatic attack on U.S. soil.” Now that they’ve all been “scattered and/or killed,” Afghanistan has gone back to being “the strategic backwater it has always been.” If the election’s winner is smart, he won’t think about Afghanistan any more than Carter and Reagan did about Vietnam.
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